Here are some of our customers frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your query just give us a call.

9 Things you need to know whenWhen Purchasing a Fireplace

What Size?

The size you can choose depends on the width of your chimney breast and opening. If you have a flat wall you can choose any size, bearing in mind any windows, doors or alcoves. It is advisable to bring your measurements with you when purchasing. For solid fuel inserts they must be cast iron or granite. Our sales team can advise on the suitability of all our products.

What fuel?

Most fire surrounds are suitable for solid fuel, gas & electric applications. Not all inserts and hearths however are suitable for solid fuel. For this they must be cast iron or split and checked for expansion and reinforced. Our sales team can advise on the suitability of all our products.

What type of Gas?

It is advisable to know whether you have access to natural gas or propane (bottled gas) as the mechanisms are different for each. Also, what are your heating requirements for the gas unit – standard inset gas fires are mainly decorative and they are inset into your opening thereby allowing heat up the chimney as in a solid fuel fire. Hotbox or convector type units are enclosed allowing most of the heat back into your room and are therefore more suitable for larger rooms, draughty rooms or those with high ceilings and expanses of glass.

Should backboilers stay or go?

If you are going to continue to use your backboiler please advise us as it could determine the inserts suitable for you depending on the measurements. If you are not going to use it, we can take it out for an extra charge once it has been drained by a plumber.

What style & material?

Your fireplace is the one piece in your room that is permanently fixed so it is very important that you choose the right style so it will blend in with the rest of your interiors. We will be more than happy to give you our opinion so please call in and discuss your ideas.

How long to install?

Most fireplaces can be installed in three to four hours but if you are getting a custom piece it may take a day or so.

Chimney Cleaning?

We would strongly advise that the chimney is swept before a new installation if it is an old house. The chimney should be cleaned after every burning season.


If you are putting down new flooring it is important that you have the type of floor sourced before the installation as we can fit the hearth to accommodate a better finish.


Fireplace installers will have coverings with them at all times but it is always a help if any extra coverings are in place before they call. It is important that the area around the chimney is completely clear.


6 Things you need to knowWhen Choosing a Stove

What are your heat requirements?

Bring in your room measurements and we can calculate the appropriate heat output. You also need to take into account any factors which could affect the heat such as open plan rooms, high ceilings, expanses of glass, as all these could necessitate a higher output than you might first imagine solely based on room measurements. Conversely, if you install a stove with a higher heat output than you require you could end up opening doors and windows which would defeat the purpose of your purchase.

What style?

There are many options to choose from. Are you looking for a free standing stove or inset stove. If you are building or renovating please call early on as we can advise on all aspects of fluing to allow you as many options as possible.

What fuel?

Do you want the natural warmth and effect of wood burning or multi-fuel stoves? Bear in mind, although they are enclosed, these will still need cleaning out. Do you want the speed and simplicity of a gas stove? With the flick of a switch, you can have the effect and instant warmth.

Is the stove to be fitted to an existing chimney?

If so, the opening dimensions (height, width, & depth) will help us advise you on the most appropriate unit for your particular requirements. Please see or gallery for some ideas.

Is the stove to be fitted in an area where there is no existing chimney?

Again information is key in order for us to provide you with an accurate quotation on the particular stove and most importantly incorporating the correct installation procedures for such an installation.

Can my stove heat more than one room?

At Flame by Design we supply Fondis stoves, these stoves can be used as multi-room heaters, whereby the heat generated by the stove can be directed to multiple rooms. Also by using the Poujoulat multi-room fan system we can heat larger areas which will dramatically reduce your fuel bills. Please bring in your house plans for a free consultation.